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Animals of Seattle
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This community was created to offer local support when it comes to you and your animals, in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. Share good and bad experiences with vets, pet-stores, groomers, etc. Experience with "doggie daycares" or similar? Let us know how it went! How about your favorite (and least favorite) parks, and animal-friendly places to take your pet? Members will be encouraged and expected to promote ethical animal treatment and proper animal-care at all times: if you dont want thoughts, suggestions, or advice on a better way of doing things, please dont post here. Honesty as well as civility are expected.

If you are looking for a new pet, please feel free to use this community as a resource! We can hopefully point you in the direction of rescue organizations that have what youre looking for, family/friends who have come upon unfortunate situations and have available animals, or good breeders in the area. We can also help you when it comes to figuring out what animal to bring into your life, what to look for in that animal, and the care and responsibilities that animal will necessitate.

If you are looking for a new home for your pets, you may use this community as a resource. However, please be advised that there are very few good reasons for re-homing a pet that you have taken into your care, and you may get responses that say as much. Please consider alternative options, such as enrolling in training classes or enlisting help from others, before going to this drastic, last resort option. If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to post asking for suggestions or help: we want you to keep your animals and to ensure they receive good care.

The quick rules:

* Please stay on-topic. This will usually mean having to do with animals and Seattle, although general animal entries ARE okay too.

* Utilize lj-cuts for most images please, as well as for lengthy bodies of text.
(Easy guide: if the image is larger then a Post-it note, or the text is 3+ paragraphs, it's probably better under a cut.)

* No random community promo's or advertising. Unless they are directly related to seattle/animals, please do not post these here.

* For community promos or advertising that is related to seattle animals, the post must be behind an lj-cut. It will be deleted if not.

* Hopefully this wont be a problem here, but just for the record: anyone joining for the sole purpose of "trolling", "spamming" or otherwise causing a nusiance, may be banned without warning. Light-hearted entries like animal-related jokes and stories are welcomed here, but lets stay away from the mindless drama.

* If you have any Livejournal-related questions (How do I post a picture?), please try checking the faq. It is very helpful!

Thank you for your compliance and understanding!
I hope this community will grow to serve as a strong educational base for animal-lovers in our area, as well as to offer community involvement and enjoyment!

Links to other good LJ Communities:


spo_prevention "stupid pet-owner" prevention

rawdogs for those interested in a raw diet for their pets


seattle for all things related to Seattle

Links to useful websites:

PetFinder.com - Adopt a Homeless Pet

SeattleHumane.org - Humane Society for Seattle and King County

MetroKC.gov/lars/animals - King County Animal Services (Animal Control + Animal Resources)

PAWS.org People Helping Animals

MeowCatRescue.org - Cat Rescue promoting lifelong homes

SPDRDogs.org - Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

PNHS.net - Local care of reptiles and amphibians

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